Tom Lory, founder and owner of Lory Electric here, thanks for visiting my web page.

In business since June of 2000, now home in Novato, California near the northern border of beautiful Marin County, I am a leading EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) installer, electrician and electrical contractor with happy customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and currently offering my services to new customers in Novato, Petaluma and San Rafael and, of course, established customers throughout Marin County.

EV Charging

I am a Tesla and Bosch certified and recommended electrician and installer, Clipper Creek recommended installer and Chargepoint certified installer with hundreds of EVSE installations completed.  

I'll outperform any of the EV manufacturer-aligned corporate EV charging installation providers while saving you time and money. 

Consult with me before you buy your new EV to help with budgeting and planning and have your EV charging solution installed to coincide with taking delivery of your new car.

I can provide any level of EV charging support from 100% turn key permit-through-final inspection installations down to as little as consultation for the owner who desires to perform as much of the installation as possible himself.

All private residential and commercial EV charger installations include three year free labor replacement coverage. If your charging station needs to be replaced within three years, I'll replace it at cost, you only pay for materials (if any) and vehicle expenses. This is not a frill that you pay extra for, it's simply a way for me to offer a nice benefit because I can.

All charging station installations are performed such that the final billing is the lesser of the Estimate and the Actual costs to complete the work; if I overbid the job, you get money back.   

All installations are fully documented with dedicated job notes, pics and videos, archived and available for at least 10 years.                         

Pretty Much Anything Else that You Need an Electrician for

I'm experienced with and offer all other residential and light commercial electrical installations including service work with no fixed minimum charge, retrofit, remodel, new construction,  panel upgrades,  generator hookups, lighting, etc, all at a 99 percentile level of design and quality for a disproportionally low price backed with a 10 year conditional workmanship warranty and lifetime customer support.

The only reason that I'm not Diamond Certified and you won't find me on HomeAdviser and other similar services is that I have no interest in paying for the endorsement nor a middle man and passing that cost onto my customers.  

California license 780901